18mm Thickness Travertine Big Slab White Travertine

White travertine, a kind of rock, white microporous marble, is mainly used for indoor and outdoor high-end decoration and components.


About Travertineļ¼š


Imported Stone | Import ed Stone hole


Turkey | Turkey

Background color:

White | White

Texture color:

Off-white | Hoar

Flower style:

Spot particles | Spots particles

Field of use:

Indoor and outdoor high-grade adornment. Component

Rock feature editing

Basic features: White. Microporous marble

Rock density (B.D): g / cm & sup3

2.75 | 2.75

Water absorption:%:

0.2 | 0.2

Flexural strength (M.R): MPa:

3.5 | 3.5

Compressive strength (C.S): MPa:

22.9 | 22.9

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