Slate Pool Table To Africa

Type:Slate pool table
Standard size:1944*1032*19mm
MOQ:100 pcs



slate pool table for pool table at sell , available in Slab, Tile, Cut-to size, Kitchen & Vanity Tops,  Sculpture,  Stone Carving etc.

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Natural Split

Export Market

Europe,North Amercia,South Amercia,Australia,MidEast,Southeast Asia

Delivery time

 15 ~25 days after order confirmed

Payment terms

 30% in T/T to confirm order, rest 70% to be paid against copy of B/L

Slate is a compact sports field material with a low water absorption index (0.4%) and is almost waterproof. Moisture is important for wear on the table, but also during installation. If it is too dry when tightening the screws, the slate will crack.

Slate is very important because it gives the ball frictionless rolling, which is smooth and submerged by mountains or valleys in the table. Depending on the mineral content of the slate from locations (Italy, Brazil, China, Spain, Wales, etc.), the slate is available in a variety of colors. The most common billiard slate is gray or black. Now, let's talk about the milling process.

Slate is a solid rock made of many minerals, including quartz, clay and mica, and the particles are fine. It is ideal for billiard tables, because it will naturally be divided into wide and horizontal fragments, and can be easily ground and polished into a perfect plane. Although slate is heavier and more expensive than wood, it can ensure that the billiard table stays smooth and level. Wood and desktops made of synthetic materials can easily bend. Because it is so durable and durable, many manufacturers will provide a lifetime warranty for the slate pool table.

The slate of a typical pool table weighs about 180 to 270 kg, so shipping is not an easy or cheap offer. In order to make transportation easier and reduce the risk of cracking during transportation, slate is usually divided into three parts. Of course, when reassembling the slate, care must be taken to ensure that all three parts are perfectly matched and the table is completely flat. Although it is possible to buy a single-plate table, most buyers prefer a three-segment table because it is easier to move and a professional installation procedure can make slate rock as perfect as a single-segment table.

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