Natural Spilt Slate Roofing Tile With Three Hole

Natural Spilt Slate Roofing Tile With Three Hole,wildly used as roofing tile ,can be customized with different size, supply drawing service


Natural Spilt Slate Roofing Tile With Three Hole


What is Slate?

Slate is a rock with a plate-like structure and basically no recrystallization. It is a kind of metamorphic rock. The original rock is argillaceous, silty or neutral tuff, and can be peeled into thin slices along the direction of slatting. The color of slate varies with the impurities it contains.

Slate is a characteristic slab-like structure. Shallow metamorphic rocks are formed by clayey, silty sedimentary rocks or intermediate-acid tuff rocks, and tuff rocks with slight metamorphism.

The original rock is enhanced in hardness due to dehydration, but the mineral composition is basically not recrystallized, and has a remanent structure and remanent structure. There are often a small amount of minerals such as sericite on the board surface, which makes the board surface slightly silky luster. Slate can generally be named according to different color impurities, such as black carbonaceous slate and gray-green calcareous slate. In low-level thermal contact metamorphism, shallow metamorphic rocks with speckled structure and slab structure can be formed, commonly known as "speckled rock". Slate can be used as a building material and decorative material. In ancient times, tiles were commonly used in areas rich in slate.

Why Slate?

Over the years, many facts have proved that natural stone has become one of the most popular flooring materials. They have some potential in characteristics, it is very suitable for bathroom floor materials. Slate, as a natural stone, its inherent characteristics make it an ideal bathroom floor material, its advantages are as follows:

Aesthetic Value

The popularity of slate in the home, including indoors and outdoors, is largely due to the aesthetic value of slate. Its unique surface provides a rich variety of designs and colors, all of which are natural. Bricks vary from brick to brick, which makes the bathroom unique. However, different colors and designs will not lead to uncoordinated patterns. In fact, this will only increase the beauty of slate bricks, because they give people a different feeling, which is not achieved by other floor tiles, even if they are also natural stone tiles.


The reason why slate brick is an ideal material for bathrooms has another major advantage, that is, it is very wear-resistant. This is why many people recommend installing slate flooring in high-traffic areas. In some cases, some owners will complain that a "traffic map" will appear on the slate floor, that is, frequent pedestrian movements cause the slate to wear and form potholes. This is untrue. It must be pointed out that the reason for this "traffic map" is the curing agent used regularly on slate bricks. To know the care of this special floor tile, you must record the curing agent used to understand which type is compatible with which.


If the selected stone surface is correct, then the slate brick can maintain the natural anti-skid performance. Otherwise, it is dangerous when wet. Nevertheless, the anti-skid performance of slate bricks is mainly due to its uneven surface.

If the conservation is not sufficient, the slate brick can easily fade. The penetration of a large amount of water will cause the slate brick to look old. Therefore, it is best not to install slate in a long-term humid area. In some places, such as the shower area, other materials can be used instead or regularly used to maintain the correct curing agent.

Of course, slate bricks are not perfect and flawless. Over time, they will crack. Nevertheless, slate bathroom flooring materials are still the most sought-after materials in the bathroom flooring industry.

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