Black Roofing Slate Roof Tiles

Model Number:Slate
Surface Finishing:Split
Slate Erosion Resistance:Antacid
Stone Form:Tile
Stone Name:Black slate
Feature:manufacturer/ supplier


Black roofing slate roof tiles price


Roof slate tile natural roofing tiles for sale, splite rustic slate, yellow roofing with drilled holes



Black roofing slate roof tiles


400*200mm(16''*8'')   600*300mm(24''*12'')  

300*300mm(12''*12'')  350*250mm(14'*10'')

400*250mm(16''*10'')  500*300mm(20''*12'')


5-7,6-8,8-10,9-12,12-15 and up


Rusty, White, Black, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, etc.


Rectangle,pentagon,scalloped shape and hexagon


Villa roof, roofing tile, Interior & exterior wall decoration, Construction, etc.


Natural,Mushroom, Natural split and rough edge


With good acid; low water absorption; excellent antifreeze and heat resistance

Other products

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Roofing Tile Shapes

Rectangle slate roof tile 

Pentagon roofing 

Scalloped shaped natural slate roofing 

Hexagon roof tile with holes drilled 

 black slate

Slate tile is one of the most important applications of natural slate. Since the shortest life span of slate shingles is more than 100 years, Europe has even found slate roofs that are over 400 years old, so slate shingles are ideal roof covering materials. Although the direct cost of slate roofing is relatively high compared to other materials, considering that it extends the life of more than doubled, the cost of using slate roofing is actually the lowest. Not only that, the slate roof has a bright color and natural structure that is unmatched by other roofs. At the same time, the slate tile is easy to clean and maintain without any ecological risks. The combination of these factors makes the slate tile a high-end building The first choice for roof building materials. Other advantages of slate tiles include fire protection, anti-corrosion, anti-weathering, low water flow resistance, and no mold and insects.

Perfect stone design and production of various slate tiles. We keep a variety of slate floor tiles in your choice, including red slate tile, black slate tile, gray slate tile, yellow slate tile, green slate tile and rusty slate tile Plate, etc., and can be processed into different shapes, such as chamfered, shell-shaped, rectangular, fan-shaped and ridge-shaped. We have long-term inventory of large-selling slate tile products in the processing base to meet customers' spot needs.

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