What Should We Do If The White Marble Turns Yellow?

What Should We Do If The White Marble Turns Yellow?

Oct 26, 2020

Marble is the most common material for decoration nowadays. There are many natural patterns on the surface of marble. The patterns seem to be messy, but in this case, it shows a lot of natural beauty, which makes it so popular with people. Among them, white marble is the most popular marble, but white marble has a common problem, which is easy to become yellow. So, what should we do if the white marble turns yellow?

It can be cleaned with a professional marble cleaner. It can penetrate into the micropores of carbonate stones such as marble, limestone, dolomite, serpentine, etc. to remove various macula and stains such as tea, coffee, straw yellow, etc. Does not damage the surface gloss of the stone, and does not leave any pigment in the stone.

1. Remove dust and dirt on the surface of the stone first.

2. Brush or spray the diluted cleaning agent on the surface of the macula and stains, use white cotton cloth or white toilet paper and other absorbent materials to stick to the stone surface, and add cleaning agent to make it completely wet.

3. Cover the marble with plastic film to maintain the action time of the cleaner.

4. After about 24 hours, remove the plastic film and the covered cloth or paper, and scrub with water several times.

5. If the yellow stains cannot be completely removed, repeat the above method.

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Calacatta White

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Lincoln white marble

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