What Kind Of Tiles Should Shopping Malls Buy?

What Kind Of Tiles Should Shopping Malls Buy?

Jun 28, 2020

Shopping malls come and go, and the ground decoration is very important, which will affect the paving effect of the mall and the safety of customers. The most common decoration materials in ceramic tile malls, among which there are many types of floor tiles. There are many patterns and textures of ceramic tiles, and the range of options available is very large. According to the material, it can be divided into glazed tiles, full-body tiles, polished tiles, vitrified tiles, and so on.

Types of ceramic tiles

1. Full-body bricks are wear-resistant and have a long service life. The anti-skid ability of the ground is extremely obvious, which is the most suitable choice for ceramic tiles in shopping malls, but the stain resistance is not very good.

2. Terrazzo tiles are anti-fouling, anti-skid, anti-wear, and anti-aging, and the market price is not too high, but the patterns are relatively single.

3. The glass mirror surface of vitrified brick has a good decorative effect, but the anti-slip property is not good and the service life is not long.

4. The matte brick floor is non-slip, anti-fouling, anti-wear, and low, but the market price is relatively high.

5. There are many color patterns on the glazed tiles, with strong anti-fouling ability, but not anti-wear.

How to choose the most suitable tiles?

1. The appearance and color should be evenly distributed, and the surface color and smoothness should also be good (except for special technology), especially the polished and polished ceramic tiles should pay more attention to their color and luster. The higher the color, the higher the polished and polished technology is, the more exquisite and the hardness is. The higher, the lower the water absorption and the higher the degree of wear resistance.

2. The pollution prevention ability is better. Put one or two drops of ink or colored water on the surface of the tile. After half an hour, wipe it off with a damp rag. If there are obvious marks left on it, it is easier to seep; if there are no marks left on it, it proves that it is good. Antifouling ability.

3. The water absorption rate should meet the standard. The lower the water absorption, the higher the density of the product, and the less likely it is to penetrate. Under normal circumstances, multi-color tiles are less than 10%; unglazed tiles (including polished tiles) can not exceed 0.5%; glazed tiles are less than 1%.

4. Listening to the sound of the tiles: How to judge the quality of the inner product of the tiles, it is invisible by looking, you can use the method of tapping to judge from the sound.