What Is The Role Of Negative Ion Tiles?

What Is The Role Of Negative Ion Tiles?

Jun 22, 2020

At this stage, the products and process technology of the ceramic tile industry are maturing, and it is not easy to produce breakthrough process technology. Negative oxygen ion products are a new trend of products, not only in product application, color and texture, space matching, product performance and other aspects that have made new breakthroughs.

Negative ion ceramic tile is a ceramic tile with negative ion functionality, mainly based on the concept of green, health, and sustainability. As we all know, negative oxygen ion is a kind of gas ion with negative ion powder in the air. It has an antibacterial and sterilizing effect, dust and odor removal, body immunity improvement, heart function, and positive charge. It can also purify the air and reduce the radiation damage to the human body caused by the development of human technology.

Effect of negative oxygen ion tiles:

1. Emission of negative ions: When the negative ion tiles and the water molecules in the air come into contact, it can make the water electrolysis weak electrolyte into negative ions and hydrogen. With the passage of time, the influence of this weak electrolyte continues to occur, so it continuously emits negative ions. With the continuous accumulation, the concentration of negative ions in the room will reach a relatively stable level.

2. Removal of smog: The root cause of smog is not only related to outdoor environmental pollution. In fact, there are also "invisible killers" hidden in the room. The negative ions in the negative ion ceramic tile exchange with the floating dust through their own negative charges, changing their physical characteristics, so that the floating sinks adsorb each other with different charges, sink to the ground, and can be melted. Revert to a fresh indoor environment and shape the forest-style home "Eden".

3. Removal of formaldehyde: Pollution sources (furniture, plates, paint, viscose, etc.) in the room will continuously emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene, and other mineral acids. The negative ions continuously released by the negative ion ceramic tiles cause the formaldehyde to be continuously degraded by electrolysis. After using negative ion ceramic tiles for a week, the degradation rate of formaldehyde and other harmful substances is more than 80%, and it can keep the indoor air fresh for a long time.

4. Eliminate odors: Negative ion ceramic tiles can also continuously release negative oxygen ions and electrolysis of harmful substances with positive charges in the room, which can eliminate odors in the air reasonably and quickly. The removal principle is different from the short-term coverage effect and side effects of air fresheners on the market, and it will not cause secondary environmental pollution.

5. Purify the air: the adsorption and oxidation of the negative ions released by the negative ion ceramic tiles can quickly kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air. It is an ideal indoor air purification method.

6. Health care: Negative oxygen ions are called "vitamins" in the air. The air rich in more negative ions can enhance the body's immune function, promote physical and mental health, and benefit health.