KBIS---Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

KBIS---Kitchen and Bath Industry Show

Dec 17, 2019

1.From February 19th to February 21st, 2019, the United States KBIS Kitchen and Bathroom Show was held as scheduled in the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, attracting nearly a thousand kitchen and bathroom brands from around the world to participate in the exhibition.

2.At this major event, relying on the excellent performance of the company's brand in the market, MUNK debuted on the stage of the United States KBIS kitchen and bathroom show and danced with international big names. The various new products exhibited by MUNK this time have attracted the attention of global customers at the exhibition, and have been favored by a large number of customers!

3."Because of focus, so professional", Munch upholds the rigorous professional manufacturing spirit, leads the well-known Italian designer team, and constantly brings different choices to customers. Show off our bathroom solutions to professionals in the United States and around the world during the three-day exhibition. Excellent product design has attracted a large number of overseas merchants to stay and negotiate.

4. A great idea can change the future of life, and only classic products can be innovative. For example, the wood-patterned artificial stone pedestal basins displayed in this exhibition are all black and all cement colored washbasins. Munch's innovative technology not only demonstrates the brand's innovative strength, but also attracts the attention of the world.