The Use Of Marble In Villa Decoration

The Use Of Marble In Villa Decoration

Dec 20, 2019

Floor decoration

When paving patterns, we should pay attention to the arrangement of colors and arrangement in direction. The natural texture of marble can change the indoor space form, enhance the atmosphere, increase the vivid decorative effect, and change the spatial visual scale. For example: vertical textures make the space appear high visually; horizontal textures can increase the width of the space; rough, large textures can also reduce the space; conversely, small patterns can expand the narrow space. For example: in the ground paving, if you want to give the space a sense of depth, you should lay the marble texture along the length of the ground; on the contrary, the horizontal paving will have the effect of expanding the space; in the wall, the linear texture The marble extends horizontally, making people feel stable and reducing the height of the space; if the texture is inclined at an angle, it will give space agility. Different textures are paved in different ways, giving people different visual experiences.

Wall decoration

Using marble as a wall material can not only protect the appearance of the building, but also maximize the use of the characteristics of marble to decorate the space. The decoration of the wall is more flexible than the ground. For example, the entire wall or the finish of the fireplace can make the wall uneven and different, and make the space full of rhythm. It can also be processed by different processes. Pillars are mainly used to support the load, and the unexpected cement columns destroy the aesthetics of the interior decoration. In the interior decoration, the decoration of the column is also very important. The finish of the cement pillar with marble is unmatched by other materials. In addition to the decoration of the pillars of the building itself, it is also common to use false columns to divide the space, especially in the European style.

Marble bathroom space to create

In recent years, with the increasing uncertainty of the residential function, the function of the bathroom is private life from the traditional single function to the individual all-round development, renovated bathroom has become almost horizontal criteria residential grade. Sanitary word that basically means is included in the body clean by bathing, this is a titillating space, where the owner is the best embodies the degree of enjoyment of life. Bathroom modern design, it is closely linked to this theme carried out.

Since the bathroom space in a humid environment, moisture-proof and waterproof for high performance requirements of materials, marble waterproof performance will undoubtedly become the first choice for customers, not only to meet the waterproof, decorative effect is excellent, largely beautification space. Performance marble is relatively soft, the price is high, but the color patterns decorated elegant, highlighting the noble quality bathroom space. Tendency in the choice of marble hard material, denser, try to avoid soft materials, high water absorption marble. Light-colored marbles are more resistant to mild soapy water pollution than darker marbles, so it is generally not recommended to use dark marbles such as black in toilets and bathrooms, so that the marbles are less polluted. Main bias bathroom space colder tone Eau elegant color, to show clean. Marble has a high decorative value. It is a wonderful effect both as a paving in the bathroom and as a decoration.