Snow White Marble Slab

Snow White Marble Slab

Oct 23, 2020


Snow white marble is white in color and pure in texture. It has the characteristics of crystal, snowflake and transparency. Snow white marble is a kind of natural marble with harder and dense quality that it can be used for interior and exterior paving. It has an excellent luminosity that can reach 90 degrees to become a high-grade material compared to other dolomite marbles due to its fine texture and high gloss onyx texture.

The texture and style are different from the Italian marble statuario. Our snow-white texture original from China, it is pure and the ice crack is very obvious with few greys. It has high strength and dense texture and can be used for a longer period of time. After all, snow-white marble is precipitated after billions of years compared to artificial white marble.

As one of the hottest sale white marbles, we supply polished and honed snow-white marble slabs and tiles to meet various tastes and demands of the customers domestic and abroad. Snow white marble has characteristics like Compression resistance 75.3 Mpa, bending resistance 9.2 Mpa, water absorption 0.92%, bulk density 2.7 g/cm3.