How To Identify Natural High-quality Stone

How To Identify Natural High-quality Stone

Dec 13, 2019

Stones with natural patterns and beautiful colors provide a wide range of creative elements for interior designers. More and more people in home decoration hope to use some natural stones in local areas. Compared with other building material products, stone materials are very particular from selection, paving to post-maintenance. Without attention, stone materials cannot show their proper beauty.

Quality stone depends on the surface. The quality of natural stone depends on the quality of the block and the processing technology. The surface of high-quality stone does not contain too much noise, and the cloth color is uniform. There is no faintness, and there are many irreparable "defects" after the quality of the stone is processed. Therefore, the color tone of the stone surface is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of the stone. If the processing technology and technology are not enough, the finished product will appear pits, stains, stains, edges and corners, cracks, color lines, pits and other phenomena. Of course, such stones are not considered “top quality”.

According to the person who specializes in importing imported stone, high-quality natural stone should have neat edges without cutting edges, smooth and bright surface, and no rough feel when touched by hand.

In addition, the home decoration uses stone, do not make the home "dark and dark", you should choose those light-colored stones as the floor decoration material, which can give people a warm, quiet feeling, but also the effect of expanding the floor area . In terms of variety, we should try to choose those marble and granite stone that are wear-resistant and acid-resistant. In terms of price, the light-colored granite series with large output is cheaper and suitable for ordinary income families to buy. It is also good to replace the damaged parts. In terms of plate specifications, granite slabs should be selected as much as possible on the ground, which mainly considers the strength of the ground and the load bearing of the house.