How To Get Original G664 Granite?

How To Get Original G664 Granite?

Aug 25, 2020

G664 Granite has compact structure, hard texture, acid and alkali resistance, good weather resistance, and can be used outdoors for a long time. The characteristics and advantages of granite also include high load-bearing capacity, compression resistance and good grinding ductility. It is easy to cut and shape, and can create thin slabs. Generally used on the ground, steps, pedestals, steps, cornices, etc., and mostly used for outdoor wall, floor, cylindrical decoration, etc.

g664 block.jpeg

G664 blocks

g664 stock.jpeg

Original G664

G664 factory.jpg

G664 tiles

Does Bainbrook Brown g664 have radiation?

Radiation degree of natural granite:

Light white granite<yellow granite<off-white granite<granite<black granite<grey black granite

Radiation degree of synthetic granite:

Pattern granite<Miscellaneous White granite<Pure White granite<Black granite

Both natural granite and artificial marble contain only a small amount of radiation, and the radiation of natural granite is higher than that of synthetic

The radiation of marble can be completely ignored, except for a few varieties, and this type of stone market will not circulate.

How to pack the granite? 

granite slab tiles package

How to produce the granite?

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