How To Choose Tiles For House Decoration?

How To Choose Tiles For House Decoration?

Jun 19, 2020

Floor tiles are the most used for house decoration on walls and floors. Floor tiles with high appearance value are also very popular in practical use, but there are many brands of floor tiles on the market, so how to choose floor tiles What?

1. Look at the corner

When buying floor tiles, we can put the two tiles aligned at the two ends and check whether the corners are neat, the error value is within the specified standard value, and we can also use a ruler to adjust the length of the diagonal of the tile Let's compare and see if they are the same.

2. Observe the tile surface

The gloss of the surface of the floor tile is particularly critical. This can be seen as the pros and cons of the floor tile's light and reflection. You can also see the quality problems of floor tiles. Of course, the chromatic aberration of the tiles, deformation, fewer corners, and flatness of the floor tiles are also critical.

3. Listen

The good floor tiles on the market will make a crisp sound when tapping, this is because the floor tiles have good hardness. Conversely, if you do not hear a clear sound when tapping the tiles, it means that the floor tiles are not up to standard when calcined. It is best to choose carefully.

4. See the water absorption rate

Water absorption is also a key factor in distinguishing the quality of floor tiles. Because the lower the water absorption rate, the stronger the watch can be, and it can also reduce certain hollowing phenomenon. It is best to choose a small glass of water on the opposite side of the floor tiles when choosing, and observe the water absorption. If the water is not fast, it means that the water absorption rate is high. This type of floor tile is prone to cracking and damage during the later period of paving.

5. See the cleanliness

When it comes to the cleanliness of floor tiles, I believe you may feel some strangeness. In fact, the cleanliness of the floor tiles directly affects the later cleaning problems. When choosing, we can use a large pen to paint a few strokes on the surface of the floor tiles. Take a look at the fluency, whether there will be intermittent phenomenon, wait a few minutes and then wipe it with a wet towel, can you wipe it clean immediately, etc.

6. Wear resistance coefficient

Wear resistance is also one of the key parameters of floor tiles. It is generally divided into 5 degrees, from low to high. Five degrees is the most wear-resistant for use in some large construction sites. For home improvement, the wear coefficient is selected 1- 4 degrees is enough.

7. Pay attention to the color difference, pay attention to the after-sales treaty

There are many types of floor tiles on the market, and there is a big difference between the prices. It is best that you do not blindly want to be cheap when choosing. It is best to choose some brands of floor tiles, so that both in terms of quality and after-sales. There is a good guarantee.