Discriminate The Value Of Characteristic Stone From Five Directions

Discriminate The Value Of Characteristic Stone From Five Directions

Dec 10, 2019

1. The texture of the characteristic stone is ever-changing, and the overall texture and style should follow the overall style of the villa decoration. The Chinese style of the granite and stone manufacturers should have a more introverted pattern, while the modernists are leaning on the atmosphere and keeping their fashion personality together. Therefore, the overall texture allocation needs to be considered when using the area.

2. the color of characteristic stone is rich and colorful, but the overall color mix also needs to follow the overall style of the villa. The Chinese style requires darker colors, and the modern style uses more bright color characteristic stones.

3. In the decoration of the villa, although natural stone is more commonly used, the planner does not necessarily plan to use the rich and characteristic stone for all the finishes of your room. Too much color and texture changes will make people feel To a dizzying discomfort, losing its sense of layering, you can choose a conspicuous wall surface, so that its impact is more simply highlighted.

4. the characteristic stone can also be used as the finishing touch of the overall villa decoration, such as some characteristic stone background walls, porch screens, granite stone manufacturers gem plate type coffee tables, etc., these places give people a shock at first glance, perfect Show the hero's noble temperament and refined taste.

5. the texture of natural characteristics of stone will make people associate with many visions. The combination of unique and special technology will be used to interlace the crystal blocks of crystal clear and granite stone manufacturers of different sizes. Just like the ice cubes in the Arctic are close to each other in the glacial river, they penetrate between the crystal blocks, and they have the flowing motion and the beauty of flying snowflakes. The warm color of the stone is like the warm sunshine in the glacier, fresh and cool, and warming the heart nest.