Daily Marble Maintenance

Daily Marble Maintenance

Jun 03, 2020

Apply the stone care machine with nano wool pad (cleaning pad) 1-2 times a week (if 300-400 rpm high-speed machine is better) spray a small amount of crystal surface maintenance agent or crystal hard powder on the clean or washed ground (The crystal hard powder must be added with water, the amount of water depends on the humidity, the amount of water should be more when the weather is dry.) 1-2 grams per square meter.

Use a stone care machine to coat evenly, then grind until it is bright. Finally, use the dust push to push the dust off the ground. Should be sprayed in sections, each section is 1-2 square meters. The cleaning pad should be kept clean, and it will affect the effect when there is too much powder; if it is found to be contaminated, it must be used on the other side, until both sides are contaminated and replaced with a new one. Depending on the work area, bring enough scouring pads, and the contaminated ones should be washed and dried before use.

On a smooth dark ground, the pad can be replaced with a steel wool pad for better results, but it should be noted that the ground is not smooth or the steel wool pad stains will make the ground black.


1. The stone surface should be dry and smooth. After the renovation, use animal hair pads or nano wool pads to dry the ground temperature to about 50 degrees and then do the crystal surface treatment.

2. Use clean steel wool and scouring pads.

3. When you see it, you should close it immediately.

4. It is best to use neutral crystal surface agent and neutral refreshing slurry.

Stone daily maintenance type crystal hard treatment: This is the best maintenance method, as long as the conditions can be achieved, this method should be used as much as possible.

Tools and materials: stone care machine (brushing machine), red scouring pad, watering can, dust pusher, crystal surface maintenance agent, crystal hard powder.