Hexagon Marble Mosaic Tiles

Name:Mosaic tile
Using:Home/hotel decoration


Material application:

Due to the small size of the marble mosaic, you can make some puzzles to produce a gradual effect. Marble mosaic is mainly used for decoration of walls and floors. Due to the small unit area of the mosaic, the variety of colors, and the infinite combination, it can fully express the designer's shape and design inspiration, and show its unique artistic charm and personality temperament. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, bars, stations, swimming pools, entertainment venues, home walls and art mosaics, etc.


First, the cost price is relatively cheap

Second, the radioactivity is very small (even smaller than glass, ceramic tiles, etc.), safe to use

3. Its material characteristics make it easy to process.

Among them: beige and white series marbles are low in hardness and easy to cut, while blue and green series marbles have high hardness due to metal elements, and are rare and expensive. The materials such as white marble, rosin yellow, hibiscus red, and domestic big flower green are not dense, they are fragile during cutting, and the loss is large.

Small particle marble mosaic

Also known as ROMAN mosaic, which basically uses 15mm square (mainly depends on the size and structure of the pattern, if the pattern area is large, it may be enlarged according to customer needs), mainly in a seamless dense arrangement Mosaic products with continuous patterns and a more natural transition. It is a technology conversion product for mold mosaic products, which is currently popular in overseas markets.

Structural characteristics of small particle mosaic:

1. Seamless, tight structure

2. The pattern can have a large change, which can be close to the pattern of the smooth mosaic

3. The particles are all small-sized particles, which can process complex mosaic effect of the same difficulty

4. But there are different color differences between the small particles

5. Need to deal with more caulking during decoration

The main purpose of small particle mosaic

It is suitable for the decoration of the ground, wall and all kinds of planes; Bold is suitable for the effect partition or edge trimming including the wall, ground and other planes that need to be distinguished by the interface, and has the advantages of flexible adjustment and reorganization. However, the overall puzzle decoration effect used on the wall is more suitable; when properly applied, the final effect greatly exceeds the smooth mosaic.

Evaluation of the complexity of small particle mosaics:

1. The types of materials that make up the pattern. The more kinds the more complicated

2. The size of the unit block specifications required to form the pattern. The more the specifications, the more complex, and the more sharp corners, the more complicated the increase in the amount of grinding.

3. The complexity of the pattern itself, the more complex and complex the pattern.

marble mosaic

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