Vietname Thassoa Marble For Bathroom

1、Product Name: Vietname Thassoa
2、Place of Origin: China
3、Brand Name: Perfect Stone
4、Color: White
5、Samples: Free
6、Stone Form: Cut to size / Slab / Tile
7、Size/Thickness: AS Customer's Requirement
8、MOQ: 100 Square Meters / Pieces


Elegant and noble white marble has gradually become the darling of the design field. Some high-end apartments and brand stores like to use white marble for decoration. White marble in home decoration can be used in various places such as desktops, walls, floors, background walls, bathrooms, etc., and is widely used. I believe there is always a white color that is your favorite!

The pure and soft texture of the white stone coupled with the elegant and natural veins makes people love it, and is given a sacred and pure meaning by people. Maybe you think the white decoration is too monotonous, maybe you think its color is too ordinary. However, in all color combinations, white has always been an eternal classic, allowing you to appreciate the inner peace in the complex city life.

White natural marble is more delicate and different from marbles of other colors; the factory processing is usually recycled water, and other ingredients in the process of countless use will pollute the white stone during processing; so we need to use disposable water For tap water processing, the water quality is guaranteed and the stone is not polluted.

Marble needs to be chemically protected after processing and molding (waterproofing is divided into oily and water-based). The marble has pores, and the waterproof penetrates into the interior of the marble by 2 to 4 mm to form a dry protective film to let moisture or other Liquid cannot penetrate the surface and inside of the marble.





tiles12x12/ 12x2418x1824x24
Mosaics & Wall Tiles1x1 1x2 3x62x2 2x4 6x121" Hexagon2" Hexagon3/4x3/4x12
CountertopsTops: 96''*36'', 96''*26'', 78''*26'', 78''*36'', 72''*36'', 96''*16''

Back splash: 2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'' high

Side splash: 2'', 3'', 4'', 5'', 6'' high

Thickness: 1/2'', 3/4'' ,etc.

For any other custom dimensions, please contact our sales person and technicists. we provide CAD drawing and other technical supports. 

Quality ControlThickness Tolerance:+/-0.5mm,+/-1mm;
Polished Degree:85°or up.



Vietnam pure White Marble  for wall and flooring  tiles marble






Vietnam pure White Marble  for wall and flooring  tiles marble




Vietnam pure White Marble  for wall and flooring  tiles marble

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