Polished Statuario White Marble

Brand Name:Perfect Stone
Stone Name:white marble
usage:floor and wall tile
Surface Finishing:Polished


 Statuario White Marble, snow white marble background is white and delicate, pure texture brings an ethereal and clean atmosphere to the space, so that people entering it feel fresh and natural.

Marble has been widely used in decoration since ancient times because of its beautiful colors, unique luster, beautiful patterns without repeating, and stable and easy physical and chemical properties.

Snow white is native to the Carrara mining area in north-central Italy, and only the marble mined here can be called snow white in the world because of the limitation of production and origin.

The texture color of snowflake white is mostly black or gray, and a small amount of black is green or yellowish brown. The texture runs through the marble slab and is irregularly distributed.

3. For the white background and clear lines, it is generally called snowflake white. Among them, the main and secondary lines are distinct, the fine lines are less, the main lines are obvious and the width is generally called super snowflake white (see the attached figure for details). The price of this kind of stone is generally above 4000 yuan/m2. Therefore, in general engineering Very few large-scale projects are used in the project. Generally, they are only used as local finishing touches in important spaces such as lobbies and banquet halls.

4. For the background white, slightly yellowish (commonly known as milky white), the texture color is lighter and usually has a little yellow or green snowflake white, which is generally called fish belly white or caracata white (see the attached drawing for details). This kind of stone also belongs to the top grade of snowflake white like the premium snowflake white, and the price is higher;

These chemicals will not have a significant effect on conventional black stone or beige stone. However, it is very likely to cause serious irreversible pollution for the snow white, which is white and soft limestone.

Therefore, the water used in the processing of snow white must be tap water. The snowflake white stone is snow-white, which contains countless fine crystal particles, and the surface gloss is extremely high.

Once there is a break, any trace of the break will be visible at the repair site, and if the site installation uses a wet paste process for construction, it is very easy for the snow white to return to the alkali phenomenon at the break.

Product Description


 MOQ100 SQM. Welcome Small Trail Order
 Stone FormSlab
 Thickness20mm; 30mm


According to your request,variety


Surface Finish: Polished

 Molding EdgeFlat, Easted, Stright, Bevel,Bullnose, Full Bullnose, Ogee
 ResistantAcid / heat / scatch / staining

Black, grey, white

Crystal, pure, vein, grain

 PackingPlywood bundles,  surface protected by plastic film




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Molding EdgeBlack And White Artificial Statuario Venato Marble SlabCompany Information

 Black And White Artificial Statuario Venato Marble Slab



                                        Black And White Artificial Statuario Venato Marble SlabBlack And White Artificial Statuario Venato Marble Slab

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