Ariston White Marble For Hot Sale

Place of Origin:China
Brand Name:Perfect Stone
Stone Name:white marble
usage:floor and wall tile
Surface Finishing:Polished


White is a symbol of purity. White series occupies an important position in natural marble varieties. No matter how the popular color of stone changes, white is always one of people's favorite colors.

Ariston White marble from Greece. It belongs to a high-grade marble in white building materials. Its color is white like jade, fine particles, very pure white, inlaid with very pure gray, sparse texture, natural texture, so charming, unable to Imagine. Like the white clouds floating in the clear sky, people can't stand the temptation. Beautiful and elegant, but soft in texture, belonging to a precious stone. Because high-quality Yashi white marble is the whitest among all stones.

Ariston White marble only has mines in Greece, and because of the limited mining volume, the price of this kind of stone is generally relatively high. After the high-quality Yashibai stone is processed, the cost has reached 2,000 square meters before installation, or even higher. Therefore, in addition to the use of small areas such as background walls, window sills, and toilets in the home decoration of ordinary residents, it is not recommended to use a large number of Ascott stone. The decoration design of high-end hotels and villas using Ascott is more noble and elegant. Side.

In terms of space application, Yashibai is suitable for modern styles because of its hard and delicate texture. Because of its quiet, elegant, soft and rustic decoration style, it is deeply loved by modern young people. The modern and simple style reveals a low-key Luxurious beauty


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