Nero Marquina Marble With Vien Marble Slab

Black and white roots (English translation: White Stripe in Black, Black Marquina or Nero Margiua or Nero Oriental) are black dense structured marbles with white ribs. They are produced in Guangxi and Hubei, with Guangxi predominantly.


Know about Nero Marquina:

The black and white root marble produced by Guilin, Guangxi has a black background, good luminosity, white patterns, durability, frost resistance, wear resistance, and hardness. It reaches international standards in quality indicators, and radioactive indicators are in line with national Class A standards. Radiation, no pollution to the environment, products can reach the national export standards, and occupy superior conditions in Guangxi and modernized and most advanced production equipment. Black and white roots are the best products for modern high-end architectural decoration

Basic Infomation:

China's Marble

Place of Origin

Guangxi, China

Background color


Grain color

Gray white | hoar

Style of flowers and plants


Field of use

Interior high grade decoration. Component. Lavabo

Rock characteristics

White parallel lines. Black marble

Rock density


2.69 | 2.69

Flexural strength


14.8 | 14.8

compressive strength

(C.S) :Mpa:

205.4 | 205.4

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