Iran Luxury Stone Slab

Iran Luxury Stone Slab

Products:Natural Marble Slab
Finished Way:Polished
Delivery Time:15~20 days after order finalzied



Product Parameters:


 Natural Marble


Interior decoration in construction projects / excellent material for indoor and out decoration ,widely used for wall, flooring tiles


White,Grey,Calacata, Crystal ect...

Regular Size

600*300, 914*914 big slab etc..


10 SQM

Finish Way



Wood Bundles 

Delivery time

15 ~20 days after order confirmed

Payment Terms

T/T,30% deposit, 70% paid before shipping


There are 32 provinces in Iran, and each province is apologizing for granite battles. The astronomical location of the vinegar country knows that there are travertine warfare in the north, granite types in the north, and the central part has more travertine costs and less granite costs. The surrounding horizon of its territory is dominated by granite capital.

   The proven stone reserves of Guchen in Iran are about 27 billion tons, and about 3800 reserves are spreading in Qi. Guchen has opened 56 kinds of Canyi frames, with an annual mining volume of about 150 million tons, and the mining volume only accounts for 0.55% of the total reserves. It is expected that it can be mined for 180 years.

  The headline achievement of Guchen's Iranian Lilin is that the government-given funds for the support of the mine are not enough, and the government Guchen loaned out to instigate domestic investors to reduce the mining of mines. 90% of the mines are operated by the public enterprise enterprise/, and the State Economic Corporation only operates the product sample/ under the output value.

   Lorestan Province is a mine in the western provinces of Iran for building stone tailings to hide from the sky. Only Ah Hao Tianyu has 400 cutting machine/combat reduction companies.

   now ancient, Yilewu natural stone tail will be sold straight to The purchase volume of Iranian stone from has also increased by 10 times. The only restriction that Iran has for stone is  The only restriction on stone is that it can be used as a quarry. The neighboring countries in Yileicheng assume that Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Tiberias and Kata I are also passionate about natural stone products. Yilewu Natural Stone is far away from to a good country. In Europe, Iran has stone dealings with Italy. Speaking from the measure of death, Yi Chau Yeli is also the third Chau Ye Li stone to enter the heart of Yi Lewu. It is intended that the vinegar should be simmered, and the travertine is mostly red.

  Yilewu travertine has a very low amount of dew, has good resistance to dryness, heat and heat resistance. The onyx produced in Iran is more and more reduced. When people want to decorate the room with beautiful altars, the last choice should be Yilawu Onyx. In addition, that type of onyx can also be used with the addition of night marble group to form a very powerful demolition stone.

   There are more than 5,000 stone reduction factories in Iran, 1,200 mines, and more than 900 Canyi mines. As a result, the stone cost of some countries in Iran is limited. The stone cost that Gu Chen reprimanded only accounts for 25% of the stone cost of some countries, and 75% is reprimanded. Therefore, the capital of Iranian stone material is taking up a commensurate real power in the world.

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