Italy Carrara For Countertop And Vanity Top

Bianco Carrara White is a kind of imported marble produced in Italy, mainly used for high-end interior decoration. Components. Carving materials.


Marble Countertop:

Marble countertops have been recognized by the high-end market for their natural textures, but there are always many consumers who are hesitant because of marble radiation problems and identification methods. After reading this article, these problems will naturally be solved.

Marble, also known as marble, is a recrystallized limestone whose main component is CaCO3. Limestone softens under high temperature and pressure, and recrystallizes into marble when the mineral content changes. Mainly used for processing into various shapes and plates, used as walls, floors, platforms and columns of buildings, and also used as materials for memorial buildings such as monuments, towers and statues.

Marble originally refers to the white limestone with black patterns produced in Dali, Yunnan Province. The profile can form a natural ink landscape painting. In ancient times, marble with shaped patterns was often used to make screens or mosaics. Later, the name marble table was gradually Developed to call everything limestone with various colors and patterns used for building decoration materials, white marble is generally called white marble, but white marble is also called marble for translating statues made in the West.


Lock screw fixing

Method Drill a 1CM deep hole at the 4 corners of the countertop and add a plastic plug. Drill holes in the corresponding positions of the bracket and fix them by the downward locking screws. Add anti-vibration silicone pad or reinforcement ring. Remarks: Holes can also be opened at the beam, and the performance can also be considered by adding glue. Benefits: good overall load-bearing performance, simple and light appearance, and best stability. Can ensure that the desktop does not shake during movement. Related technical pictures: Schematic diagram of punching holes

Bottom tenon

(Embedded) Installation method is similar to carpentry mortise and tenon

It is quite different from the surface area on the shelf, which requires materials filling and other processes. Generally used for plastics, there are many wooden shelves, the iron frame has poor toughness, and the hardness is too large. It may cause instability and damage to the bottom of the table during the movement.

Bonding method

The four-leg support on the bottom is wide. Increase the contact area and then use marble glue to bond. Generally, glass countertops are used more. If the marble surface needs to be treated on the bottom surface, an additional layer of wood (wood material) is added to the overall load-bearing performance.

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