White Artifical Sintered Stone Slab

Material:Calacatta sintered stone
Size:Buyer's Requirement


What is a sintered stone?

The rock board is also a kind of ceramic product, which is a bit similar to the ceramic tile in composition, but slightly different from the ceramic tile, and the manufacturing process is also different. The performance has many advantages such as high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, penetration resistance, scratch resistance, and antibacterial ability. The specifications are generally relatively large and belong to a new type of ceramic material with an oversized specification. In recent years, large slabs have become popular. Rock slabs are a dazzling new star in large slab decoration materials.


Application Description

The sintered stone can be customized with a variety of patterns. In addition to the original gray cement industrial style and natural materials, it can also make wood-like or marble-like countertops. The effect is very realistic. This can be applied to the dining room or window sill stone, giving a unique feeling, elegant atmosphere.

Sinteres Stone can also be used in the bathroom, including wall, floor and even basin cabinets. You can choose the slate to decorate the design. The high-end atmosphere is here, which is not an empty talk. In addition, the design of the slate as the background wall of the TV, a large area of slate in one go, is more layered than tiles.

With its unique product attributes, Sintered stone has given it physical properties that go beyond general ceramic tiles. In addition to the traditional function of paving walls, it can also be used in many aspects such as stairs, bonsai furnishings, wash basins, reception desks, coffee tables, cabinets, etc., to achieve the unified combination of ceramic tiles and home, and the integration of space.

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