Sintered Stone For Wall Cladding

New Material Sintered Stone ,can competely replace natural marble


SINTERED STONE is not porcelain, brick, or ceramic slab. Zhidao is a brand new material. It is different from ceramic tile in raw material structure, production process, firing process, performance, etc., and can be further processed.

The advantages of Sintered Stone:


At present, the slate can not be 100% anti-fouling on the surface, but it is very close. It is a non-porous version, so it will not absorb liquid. Common or stubborn stains are usually easy to remove on the surface, and can maintain the indicated smoothness and cleanness


The rock board is manufactured at a very high temperature, so it can absorb heat. The hot pot and other cooking utensils placed on the rock board will not damage the rock board due to heat. It is recommended to use a tripod as a support for the hot cookware;

3,Scratch resistant

The rock board can resist scratching, but it should be noted that the ceramic knife is easier to scratch the rock board than the right;

Sintered stone

The Sintered Stone slabs in the big size of 1620x3240x12mm, are designed for the world of furnishings,

as horizontal surfaces ranging from tables to kitchen and bathroom worktops.

The aesthetic virtues and the large size offer a major artistic advantage,guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings, in sophisticated, natural shades.

We would like to introdue our new study material- Sintered Stone.

For Sintered Stone, we mainly promote three products

--Calacatta White, Calacatta Gold and Azul Macobus.

Sintered Stone is close to Porcelain material, but not Porcelain material. Because:

1. Finished Machine Different

Sintered Stone should be finished by auto high-advanced machine and the machine should be imported. 

But Porcelain not need.

2. Component Different

Sintered Stone include silicon dioxide, inorganic, feldspar powder, calcination high temperature and rolling compaction technics etc.

Porcelain include inorganic,feldspar powder etc.

3. Size Different

Sintered Stone can be big slab size 1620x3240mm,

but Porcelain is only 1000x1000mm;

4. Thick Different

Sintered Stone can be 3mm, 6mm, 12mm,

but Porcelain is 10mm;

Accordingly the above reasons,

Sintered Stone is very workable for table top, kitchen countertop, wall background etc 

and make the interior decoration more amazingly grandeur. 

And now Natural Calacatta White Marble and Azul Macobus Luxury Stone cost too much,

so more and more clients are popular with using Sintered Stone Instead of Natural Calacatta White Marble and Azul Macobus Luxury Stone.

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